Indian Journal of Open Learning (ISSN: 0971-2690), Vol 26, No 2 (2017)

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Empirical Analysis of Perception of Jail Inmates on Open and Distance Learning Programmes: A Case of IGNOU



In Open and Distance Learning (ODL) main emphasis is made to provide equitable access to higher education primarily to the underprivileged group of the society in order to improve the quality of life and realized social justice. In order to fulfill its mandate, IGNOU provided opportunity of higher education to jail inmates by having its Learner Support Centre (LSC) in jail. Therefore, in present paper an attempt has been made to analyse the inputs received from the jail inmates on the programmes being pursued by them through ODL mode offered by IGNOU and to gauge usefulness of these programmes bring paradigm shift in their quality of life, which they may lead once released and attain a normal life. The inputs of 200 jail inmates was mainly analysed on quality of life, Self Learning Material (SLM) and Student Support Services (SSS) by using statistical tools to obtain mean values, Standard Deviation and t values. The paper also suggests indicative interventions to further improve the programme delivery in jails for these inmates.

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