Indian Journal of Open Learning (ISSN: 0971-2690), Vol 26, No 2 (2017)

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An Analysis of Learning Styles and Study Habits of Achievers of Open and Distance Learning: A case of IGNOU



The study attempted to examine the learning styles and study habits of the meritorious learners (gold medalists of different programmes) of the 28th Convocation of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU). The Felder and Silverman’s Learning Style Model (FSLSM) which has four dimensions was used for the current study.

The study found that respondents in majority were: ‘reflective’, ‘sensing’, ‘visual’ and ‘sequential’ learners. However, the respondents who adopted other learning styles also had excelled in their respective programmes. The respondents might have mastered more than one learning style and these learning styles helped them in i) choosing relevant activities and study material suited to their learning styles, and ii) organising their studies on the basis of their preferences, and thus, acted as a means of achieving their educational goals. The analysis of the responses regarding study habits indicated that a majority of the respondents had a flexible study schedule, devoted up to four hours daily for studies, did not have a fixed place for study, maintained the schedule though, with little difficulty, made all preparations and subsequently used a table and a chair for study purposes, completed one subject at a time, devoted time slots for completing different learning activities, took small breaks during their studies, and used IGNOU study material for preparations.

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