Indian Journal of Open Learning (ISSN: 0971-2690), Vol 18, No 1 (2009)

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Assessing Internet Usage among Males and Females in an African Community

Olivia Adwoa Tiwaah Frimpong Kwapong


The Internet has the potential to improve the enterprises and daily life of people in all parts of the globe. Results from the field survey indicate that both the males and females in Ghana have a fair knowledge and usage of the Internet and other ICT protocols. But the males appeared to make multiple use of the Internet compared to their female counterparts who mainly use the Internet as an entertainment tool. An intervention that will encourage utilization of the Internet for educational purposes, peer education at the workplace that will enable the women to learn from their female colleagues, a programme that will make people contribute financially to services offered and measures that will enable women to create the space and time for browsing will be helpful.

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