A Comparative Study of Student Support Services of Bangladesh Open University and Open University of Malaysia

  • Sabina Yeasmin Bangladesh Open University
  • Khan Ferdousour Rahman State University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Sharifah Rosfashida Bt Syed Abd Latif Open University Malaysia (OUM), Malaysia
Keywords: BOU, OUM, Student support services, Quality, Deficiencies


This article attempts to compare the existing practice of the student support services (SSS) of the Bangladesh Open University (BOU) and the Open University of Malaysia (OUM) in terms of offered availability, quality, similarities and differences. It also aims to identify and report the deficiencies that students of both the institutions face in the SSS. To achieve the desired end, three hundred and sixty students (one hundred and eighty from each university) were taken as sample and a semi-structured questionnaire was constructed in two dimensions, i.e. general services and tutorial services; and pilot tested. After collecting the data from the respondents from both the countries, independent sample t-test was run by using SPSS. A comparative analysis of data revealed important similarities
as well as differences in SSS. The study found that SSS of both BOU and OUM are quantitatively developing rapidly on the same lines. But the general services and tutorial services of both the institutions are yet to achieve quality as expected. However, students from the OUM enjoy comparatively better facilities in general services; but in tutorial services both BOU and OUM have almost the same provision. The conclusion leads to the recommendations that both the universities should put more endeavour to improve their respective SSS in all dimensions. 

Author Biographies

Sabina Yeasmin, Bangladesh Open University

Associate Professor, Bangladesh Open University (BOU), Bangladesh

Khan Ferdousour Rahman, State University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Science at the State University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh

Sharifah Rosfashida Bt Syed Abd Latif, Open University Malaysia (OUM), Malaysia

Senior Lecturer and Vice Dean (Learning Materials) under the Faculty of Science and Technology, at the Open University Malaysia (OUM), Malaysia.