Developing Open and Distance Learning Programme in Labour and Development: Results of a Needs Assessment Study

  • Babu P. Remesh
Keywords: Needs assessment, Open and distance learning, Labour and development, Innovative methods, India


The paper informs the context, details, findings and learning of a recently conducted needs assessment study, which aimed at gathering the views of concerned stakeholders apropos developing an ODL programme in ‘Labour and Development’ at IGNOU. The study collated and analysed the views of 157 experts and 482 potential learners. Notwithstanding the constraints of the study in terms of time and resources (both physical and financial), the questionnaires were distributed widely and directly to more than 5500 potential respondents, using internet and email, alongside networking with concerned social partners – 10 colleges/universities/national institutions and one vocational training institute, spread across seven states. Besides discussing the major suggestions from experts and prospective students, the paper also shares the methodological insights gained from the study, which emphatically underline the possibilities of adopting innovative methods in needs assessment studies.

Author Biography

Babu P. Remesh

School of Interdisciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi-110068, India.