• P.K. Biswas


The Open and Distance Learning (ODL) has emerged as an effective system of education. The huge impact of ODL is not just limited to learners but has also
transformed the role of educators working in different institutions all across the world. Moreover, it is being accepted as a strategic solution to address the challenge of providing quality educational experiences to a huge population of learners. Information and communication technology (ICT) is playing a vital role in developing the ODL culture as it is reinforcing a technology enabled medium in educational institutions eliminating the barriers of time, space and age. With a vision of providing quality learning opportunities to the masses, the educators are entailed to be updated with technological advancement and be proactively involved in the educational practice with a dynamic approach. In coherence with this context, we bring forth the present issue of the journal which accentuates the analysis of certain aspects related to learners and educators associated with ODL institutions which may have major implications on improvement of the ODL system.