Teaching Crowds: Learning and Social Media

  • S.K. Pulist IGNOU


The social media has influenced human life in various ways. The business world has already started exploiting the potential of social media in reaching the customers. At times the social networking becomes the innate medium of meaningful learning. The social learning theory has proved that human beings learn a great deal from each other. The interconnectivity of people across the globe has given birth to social media. This learning intervention has become visible now in various ways. The book in hand provides answers to some of the questions emerging from use of the social media. It examines the social media world quite  closely and tries to successfully touch upon the fundamentals of social learning in the given context. It focuses upon both the facets of social media, i.e., teaching and learning and the theme of the book has been aptly chosen: “ Teaching Clouds: Learning and Social Media”. 

Author Biography

S.K. Pulist, IGNOU

Deputy Director, Student Registration Division (SRD), IGNOU, New Delhi-110 068, India