Creativity in Open Distance Learning: A Study of the Perception of the Teachers and the Academics of IGNOU

  • Moumita Das IGNOU
Keywords: Creativity, Open and Distance Learning, Innovation, Perception.


Creativity is the ability of an individual to develop something new and original. Creativity leads to innovation, which is linked to the socioeconomic development of our society. Creativity is the output of several behavioural traits, which are a combination of convergent and divergent thinking. It is believed that the inherent creativity in the individuals can be nurtured so that they can contribute constructively for the overall development of society. Similarly, if the creativity in distance teachers and academics is nurtured they can contribute significantly to the development of the Open and Distance Learning system (ODL).

In ODL there is immense opportunity for innovation. Several research studies have been reported in literature under innovation in ODL. However, there is a scarcity of research studies on the perception of teachers and academics on ‘creativity’. The present research aims to study the perception of the teachers and academics of IGNOU on creativity in ODL.

The main objectives of the study were (i) to access the awareness of teachers and academics of IGNOU on creativity in general, (ii) to examine how they use creativity in designing and developing study materials and providing support to the distance learner, and (iii) to investigate how they like to nurture creativity in distance learners.

A hundred and four teachers and academics attached to different schools and divisions of IGNOU were selected randomly. A questionnaire was developed and administered to the participants online. Data was analysed following suitable statistical procedures. The findings reveal that the teachers and academics of IGNOU employed various creative methods in teaching to nurture creativity.

Author Biography

Moumita Das, IGNOU

Assistant Director, National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education (NCIDE), IGNOU, New Delhi-110068, India