MOOCs and Open Education Around the World


  • Yun-Jo An University of West Georgia


This timely and engaging book, edited by four prominent scholars in the field of Instructional Technology, provides a comprehensive and highly current account
of the fast changing world of MOOCs and open education today. The book consists of 8 parts. The first part of the book takes a look back at the history of open
education and discusses several key problems, concerns, and constraints related to MOOCs and open education today. Part 2 explores the evolution of policies of various OER initiatives in the United States, Australia, and South Africa. Part 3 addresses research and evaluation related to MOOCs and open education. Part 4 focuses on issues related to the quality of MOOCs and OERs. Part 5 explores innovative MOOC courses, programs, and models of instruction. Part 6 offers  insights into the use of MOOCs and open education in the developing world. Part 7 takes a look at the current state of open learning in corporate settings. Finally, Part 8 addresses the current shortcomings of MOOCs and provides insightful models and visions for the future of open education.

Author Biography

Yun-Jo An, University of West Georgia

Associate Professor of Instructional Technology, Department of Educational Technology and Foundations, University of West Georgia