About the Journal

Aims & objectives of the Journal:

“जम्बूद्वीप - the e-Journal of Indic Studies” is planned as a half-yearly, peer reviewed journal of international standards, covering Sanskrit and Indic Studies. This Journal will be an interdisciplinary, refereed publication, dedicated to the in-depth analysis of India's Sanskrit, Pali, and Prakrit traditions rooted in our culture and their interaction with the international Indic studies. All subjects concerning India's Sanskrit and Indian culture, from ancient times to the present, are essential to the Journal. The Journal presents research work of practitioners and scholars of Indic Studies. Paper could be in Hindi, Sanskrit and English, which will be published regularly from 2022 by the Department of Sanskrit, School of Humanities, IGNOU (journal home page : http://journal.ignouonline.ac.in/index.php/jjis)

The objective of this Journal is to provide an academic forum for Teachers, Teacher Educators, Research Scholars and Policy Makers. Academicians are encouraged to contribute their original and critical analysis in the field of Indic Studies and allied disciplines by presenting novel ideas, and critical appraisal of contemporary Indic thoughts. They may also share their experiences on improved academic practices including curriculum, pedagogy and technology-enabled blended learning in the areas of concerned disciplines. However, articles from other disciplines related to current Indic issues of relevance may be accepted for publication subject to the approval of the Review Committee.

Instructions for paper submission:

  • Authors are requested to upload their research paper (4000-6000 words) in prescribed format only.  (link to download prescribed paper format will be given soon). Incorrectly formatted papers are deemed to be rejected by editors.
  • All research papers for journals must be submitted using our online submission system. 
  • Please make sure that NO grammatical errors or spelling mistakes are there in the research paper.
  • Pictures/images in the research paper should be as per the format hyperlinked above on our website and the author would be responsible for the copy right violation of the image used in the research paper.
  • Please make sure that research paper should be written in Unicode Font (for Sanskrit and Hindi) or in Times New Roman Font (for English) in font size 12-point.
  • The publisher/journal does not support any kind of plagiarism or copyright infringement. It is considered as a serious breach of ethics and must be avoided to the utmost. Authors are fully responsible for plagiarism and copyright infringement, if any. The UGC guidelines on plagiarism may be referred to.
  • By submitting the research paper, the authors warrant that the entire work is original and unpublished; it is submitted only to this Journal and all text, data, figures/tables or other illustrations included in the research paper are completely original and unpublished, and these have not been previously published or submitted elsewhere in any form or media whatsoever.
  • All the authors must send e-mail to ejournalsanskrit@ignou.ac.in which is notifying that the research paper is fully devoid of plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  • Author information file should be uploaded separately as "Additional file for editor". This document should include, for each author, name, institutional affiliation, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address and a brief biographical statement.
  • The submissions should be written using MS-WORD or compatible word processors.
  • Upload the research paper in .doc or .docx format only. 

Reviewing Criteria

The double blind Peer Review system is followed by the journal to assess the quality of a manuscript before publication. The opinion of the reviewers will be considered. A manuscript is submitted to the external expert editors and/or peer reviewers in the field for assessment of its originality, validity and significance to help the Editors decide whether the manuscript should be published in their journal. Peer reviewers will assess dispassionately whether the writing is comprehensible and scientifically sound and coherent, and whether the research work represents a useful contribution to the field. The Editor will reach a decision based on the reports submitted by the reviewers, if needed it will be referred to the editorial board.

To maintain publication ethics, we strongly believe in strictly following the set of guidelines at four different levels and achieve maximum transparency at our level.

Manuscripts received for peer review will be treated as confidential documents and must not be disclosed to others. Unpublished materials in a submitted manuscript must not be used in a reviewer’s or editors own research without the express written consent of the author(s).

Authors should expect to receive reviewer-reports in a prompt manner, normally within three weeks. Reviewer’s or editor's misconduct (breach of confidentiality, delay of peer review, plagiarism, or conflicts of interest) will be taken seriously.

Role of Authors: Authors should disclose any financial or other conflicts of interest that may be construed as influencing the data or interpretation. All sources of financial support should be disclosed. If an author discovers a significant error in the published work, the author is obligated to inform the Journal Editor in order to either correct or retract the paper.

Role of Editors: The role of the editors is to evaluate the suitability of submitted manuscripts for the journal, including: (a) the quality of the manuscript, (b) whether it meets the Aims and Scope of the journal, and (c) the originality of the work. The editors must not disclose information about a submitted manuscript to anyone other than the corresponding author, reviewers, or other members of the editorial board. Editors will evaluate the merit of manuscripts for their intellectual contents without regard to race, gender, country of origin, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Editors will ensure the prompt handling of the review process.

Role of Reviewers: Reviews should be done objectively, and observations should be formulated clearly with supporting arguments, so that authors can use them for improving the paper. Reviewers should point out relevant publications not cited in the manuscript and point out any similarity with previously published works. Reviewers should not consider manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest resulting from competitive, financial, collaborative, or other relationships or connections with any of the authors. If a selected reviewer feels unqualified to review the research reported in a manuscript, that reviewer should notify the editors immediately and decline the review.

Role of the Publisher: Plagiarism is considered to be a serious breach of scientific ethics and must be avoided utmost. In case of a detected/proven plagiarism, scientific misconduct or fraudulent publication, the publisher, in collaboration with the editorial board, will take appropriate action to clarify the situation, publish an erratum, or retract the work in question.

Authors/Researchers are invited to upload their research paper through online submission form. All the submitted papers will be reviewed throw peer review process.

Maximum Size Allowed 3 MB Only, if file sizes exceeds 3 MB then please email us on ejournalsanskrit@ignou.ac.in



TITLE OF PAPER: __________________________________________________________ 

NAME OF AUTHOR(S):___________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________

INSTITUTE AFFILIATION: ____________________________________________________

 E-MAIL ID: _______________________________________________________________

  1. I (we), the undersigned, declare that the research paper submitted is my/our own original work; all authors have seen and approved the research paper as submitted; the research paper has not been published and is not being submitted or considered for publication elsewhere; the text, data, images, illustrations, and other items included in the research paper do not carry any infringement/plagiarism issue upon any existing copyrighted materials.
  2. I (we), the undersigned, declare that I (and my co-authors) have obtained written permission to use any previously copyrighted material included in this research paper.
  3. I (we), the undersigned, declare that Author(s) of the research paper mentioned above, is/are fully responsible for plagiarism and copyright infringement, if any.
  4. Plagiarized research paper will be deleted from publisher’s website even after publication.
  5. I (we), the undersigned, shall remain the owner of the copyright in said research paper. I (we) may publish the research paper in any other journal or medium but such publication must include complete reference of the previous publication.
  6. I (we), the undersigned, confirm that after the publication of my (our) research paper, the publisher has the sole authority of the paper. The publisher has the authority to use the content of the whole paper or part of it, in an edited book, or other mediums, without the permission of authors.
  7. In case my/our research paper gets accepted by the review committee I/we will deposit/ transfer/pay the requisite registration fees (if any) to the publisher.


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