Sciencing of Yoga and Ayurveda Together for a New Indic World Order


  • Prof. Bal Ram Singh


The pandemic has impact beyond the infection, disease, death, care, treatment, and vaccination, as it has seriously affected much of the social dynamics, adversely influencing economics, educational enterprise, relationships, and an entire gamut of cultural connections. The Covid pandemic continues to take toll on human health, and consequent human activities throughout the world. With more than 271 million cases, over 5.3 million deaths, and nearly $3 trillion in economic loss, the pandemic continues to disrupt human life, both young and old. Ayurveda as a healthcare practice currently has become quite prevalent, and its formal education is well established in hundreds of mainstream Ayurveda colleges in India, with dozens of institutions in United States and other countries of the world. However, there has been relatively little effort to examine the science of Ayurveda, at least in modern context. The concept of the panchabhuta system has remained the core of Ayurveda, and there is a need to understand Ayurvedic concepts from the framework of modern science, and perhaps reframe it if evidence from ancient sciences like Ayurveda warrants it.

Author Biography

Prof. Bal Ram Singh

School of Indic Studies,

Institute of Advanced Sciences,

Dartmouth, MA 02747, USA

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